Sunday, January 7, 2007

<---- Update: Physical Magic ---->

Some of you might be wondering how an organization as obviously skilled and experiences with witch hunting like the Order of St. Michael, Archangel could be taken off-guard by Matthew using inwardly-affecting magic. It's a valid question, but there is an answer.

Physical magic, the altering of the body or the improvement of one's own capabilities, is not at all common in the setting of Fallen Engel. Magic is almost entirely an external force, especially where the Order is concerned. To them, using magic to affect one's own body is a blasphemy against God. After all, if could be seen as trying to improve on the Lord's design. As such, they do not have much skill with said enchantment or its effects.

The magic is also rare because of the efforts of groups like the Order. Those with the skill to alter or improve their bodies were hunted down as heathens and blasphemers; their deaths took many of the secrets of physical spellwork to the grave. As such, only a few covens and solitaries worldwide possess the talent to affect themselves with magic.

Most magic in Fallen Engel is manipulation of external energy or mental in nature. Spells mimic psychic phenomenon or deal with the material world in some way. For example, Matthew's primary gift, Entropy, is a direct external power with often catastrophic effects on solid objects and the environment around him.


When next we discuss the magic of this setting, the subject will be: The Old Races, Magical Creatures and Spiritual Entities.

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