Thursday, January 11, 2007

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Taken from the bodies of two high-level agents of the Order of St. Michael Arachangel, Matthew's handguns are enchanted Janz JTL-500s with several custom modifications. The most striking feature of these guns, aside from their size, is their textured bone handgrips and the filigree work along their barrels and chambers.

Each handgun created for the Order's agents carries a sacred verse engraved on its barrel; this Psalm is never reused, making each gun a unique artifact. In addition, each one bears the name of an angel and gains its magical powers through the celestial connection forged between it and that higher being during its enchantment ritual. Once crafted, these handguns are nearly divine creatures themselves. They generate their own ammunition, never suffer normal damage or wear, and have virtually no recoil or need for suppression.

Matt's handguns are named Anachael and Zaechael. Anachael has a white grip and gold tooling; its verse reads: 5:12 Blessed is the righteous, for ye shall create for him a shield from your favor.

Zaechael bears a black handgrip and silver decoration. Its psalm is: 11:6 Upon the wicked, he shall rain a blaze of vengeance. They shall reap only fire, sulfur, and the scorching wind.

These handguns have only one true weakness; they cannot generate ammunition very quickly. While they can fire mundane bullets if loaded manually, they only create mystical shot at a rate of one ever ten minutes. If allowed to sit for an hour, they become and remain fully loaded, but they cannot be counted on in a protracted firefight unless the wielder is carrying real ammunition as a supplement for the guns' power.

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Erisraven said...

Neat. I like. The bit about the unique verses is cool.